It was when Connie was 22 years old that she got the news that she had MS. But that didn’t slow her down. And even though she is in a wheelchair today and has seen a lot of hardship in life, she still hasn’t slowed down. Connie has a hope and a light about her that makes her different from a lot of people.

Connie has always been active, playing tennis, mowing her yard and committing much of her time to caring for animals at the Young Williams Animal shelter. She calls herself the foster failure as after 8 years of being employed and countless years of volunteering with the shelter, she is always bringing a new pup home with her. Today, despite her condition, she goes to work everyday from 10-5, caring for the dogs and the people she is surrounded by there.

Her MS was manageable for many years, but when she lost her husband to Leukemia, the stress of it all took a toll on her body and her health started to slowly decline.
In December of 2018, Connie had gotten out of bed at 3 AM and fell in her bathroom, suffering injuries that would put her in a wheelchair.

Years after her first husband’s death she remarried. David, her husband also has health issues. He has had 4 back surgeries and the last one resulted in a horrible infection that he still suffers from everyday. Limited by their conditions, they had been unable to take care of many things around their house. They were perfect candidates for the OBY program. A team of volunteers came out to their home and painted the exterior, built a wheelchair ramp and built a sidewalk giving Connie access to the beautiful garden in her front yard.

“The work was so appreciated but honestly I just really enjoyed interacting with that group of volunteers. It was truly so refreshing and uplifting to be with these people! I was sad when they had to leave, I truly missed my new friends.”

Connie and her positive outlook on life and her willingness to stay motivated and keep going is inspiring. She hopes to one day be mobile again and get out of her wheelchair.

“Look at what God can do!
You gotta get up and go. Keep going. We can’t dwell on our hardships.”
– Connie

Connie told us that the OBY program was a breath of fresh air, but she herself is a breath of fresh air to all those around her.