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Nope! The beauty of our program is that we work together to ensure the best quality product. We do this by partnering with experienced “Crew Chiefs” who walk us through each step of the way!
The Partner Fee helps to support and continue Operation Backyard. We have a number of other funding sources to help cover the cost of materials and other necessary costs to each project, however, these fees help cover the cost of items not covered by our other funding sources, like qualifying our homeowners, administrative cost, staff cost, tool and equipment cost, and site coordination cost.
Operation Backyard is a full service operation. We will have already selected the family, designed the work for the day, made a material list, ordered and purchased materials and have them on the site when you show up. We will have all tools on site. If you require construction supervision, we will have an experienced crew chief on site during your project to help you. Our staff will also be available to make sure if you need anything during the day that we will get it. So, all you have to do is show up, love on the homeowner and work.
Nope! OBY provides all of these things to make your work experience great!
No, it is the responsibility of the volunteer team to arrange their own transportation.
No, we do not have the capability to house teams however we can help you get in touch with Churches in the community who have helped out with this in the past!
No, OBY collects and processes all applications from those in need of a repair to be certain that the family can benefit from our services. This ensures that our volunteer crews are well equipped to tackle the project ahead of them!
No, it is the responsibility of the volunteer team to bring drinks and food to project sites.
Nope! We have a number of funding partners that specifically fund the materials and supplies necessary to complete your job for the family you serve.